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One extraordinary bottle from thousands professionally tasted.
Image of Bottle of 2012, J. Lohr, Wildflower, Monterey, Valdiguie
2012 J. Lohr
Other Red
Thumbs Up Rating Image
Flavor Intensity
Tasting Notes
Cassis, Cranberry, Rose, Soft
Food Pairings
Red Meat, BBQ, Pizza & Pasta
Average Retail
A lighter style. Soft cassis and tart cranberry fruit are an intriguing combination, followed by rose petals, blueberry, and a hint of pomegranate on the dry finish. An extraordinary value for the fans of "something different."
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Well we believe in finding great values all over the wine aisle. Not just in in typical varietals like Cabernet, Zinfandel, Chardonnay but how about about a Valdiguie. That's right. That's what we have here in a 2012 J. Lohr eight dollar, wine twenty dollar value.

Absolutely! There's only one reason, one why this wine is eight dollars. Because nobody can pronounce Valdiguie. There's even an accent on the e. What is it Valdiguie? No, it's Valdiguie. Forget that name. Wildflower! Why do you think J. Lohr put wildflower on there? So you could say I'm having this delicious bottle of wildflower. That's what you have here. You have light, soft fruit in here. Really unusual at an eight dollar price point. It's cassis. It's cranberry. You've got rose petals in this wine which give this wine a real finesse and elegance. It's a lighter style and the rose petals kinda accentuate this light soft style. A little bit a blueberry comes back in there and kinda backs things up. You have this nice balance a very very nicely balanced wine. What else? Tart dry finish so is this thing cleans up it's not tart in the bad way. Its tart in kind the clean fresh way. Then just that nice undercurrent of dryness here. Twenty dollars all day long.

Yeah I think it was that rose petal in this wine that they used that. They played off that to call it wildflower. That is why they've rebranded it. They didn't want to call it Valdiguie because nobody knows what the heck that it is. They called it Wildflower because of that. But there's also one more thing in this wine. There is a beautiful hint of pomegranate. You just don't see that every day. That's why at then end of the day this is a two thumbs up wine. The 2012 J. Lohr Wildflower Valdiguie.

Nice! Call it wildflower and go get it. So good!
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