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Image of Bottle of 2011, Villa Alena, Italy, Moscato d'Asti
2011 Villa Alena
Moscato d'Asti
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Flavor Intensity
Tasting Notes
Apple, Honey, Peach, Smooth
Food Pairings
Salad, Dessert, Ethnic Food
Average Retail
A sweet wine, with honeyed-peach, round apple, and flowers. A brown sugar note adds dimension, and the finish is clean and smooooooth.
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Eh! Gimme some o dat Moscato... Ya know what I'm sayin?

So that's what the hip-hop scene has made a big deal out of Moscato lately and so it's taken the country by storm.

Sweet ones are sweeping the country and their Moscatos, and there's a reason and this 2011 Villa Elena from D'Asti, Muscato De Asti just means from Asti in Italy, is seven bucks and this is why it's so popular.

This is amazing!

Yes, I can't believe it, the bottle alone looks like it costs seven dollars. Beautiful glass on this bottle, everyone's going to like it.

But, you know what you're really gonna like isn't the bottle, it's what's inside. Yeah!

And it smells delicious, one whiff and you've got that sweet nice fruit. Clean, no funk, no dirt, nothing offensive it is ... you just want to get in there take a sip.

I just did and let me tell you why they're so popular, this actually rises into more of a fine wine style.

There's an apple and honey and it still tastes so good. There's an apple and a honey element sitting in here and the two just play off each other really nicely.

Then there's some peach, the peach pushes out of this glass and balances things out in there so it doesn't get overly honeyed or go too far down that road. And then the brown sugar, there's a brown sugar element and some flowers in here that really round this thing out and give it a second layer which is a really unusual with one of these the sort of wines.

And then the last thing is this wine finishes clean and the fruit is round and all that means is this is a crowd-pleasing winner!

Yeah, and there's even a little more than that Joe, this wine also has a beautiful long lingering finish and their are bubbles in this.

They aren't the big, heavy, sparkling bubbles. They are the fine little bubbles and it adds a little layer elegance to this wine that everyone is gonna like. It's gonna liven the crowd up.

This is not a only seven dollars, I mean this is not only seven dollars the real value is sixteen dollars and it is absolutely outstanding.

A fine wine, more than double your money value that you can get for seven bucks or less. It's a big two thumbs up to the 2011 Villa Elena Moscato D'Asti. Get youself somma dat Moscato then enjoy!!