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One extraordinary bottle from thousands professionally tasted.
Image of Bottle of an unnamed Chardonnay wine from Mendocino
Names have been withheld to protect the innocent.
Names have been withheld to protect the innocent.
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Flavor Intensity
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Citrus, Bitter, Kerosene, Metal
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Nothing good can be said about this wine. It is a complete fail, with almost no fruit, and a veritable cornucopia of bad elements. Your nose tells you "gas station" and one sip later your mouth confirms it: you've licked the floor of the gas station bathroom. But hey, if that's your thing.....
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Okay, this is one of the least favorite aspects of this job, but it has to be done because these wines are really out there.

We're jumping back in on one of the bottom 10 all-time worst wines because you need to know about it and you need to know that they're there. Right next to the good ones.

This is actually a 13 dollar wine and it was a colossal disappointment.

Honestly this is a gas station. Just by the smell of this wine, the nose on this one says you can take the rest this bottle and put it in your gas tank and burn it.

Yeah, this is the bathroom in the gas station. It's like cleaning fluid.

Wow, this is an utter and complete disaster, and that's the best way to describe this.

It's so sad, a $13 bottle on the Shelf average retail. It's a bitter cleaning fluid. There's some, I don't even know if you can call it lemon, It's just citrus.

The only thing that comes out that's remotely like a Chardonnay is some citrus in there. The rest of it is being overwhelmed with impurities, dirty socks.

I wouldn't even say dirty socks, no offense, that implies that it's bad and it's not a bad bottle. This is just a bad wine.

It's just made poorly. This isn't like we just got a bad bottle. This is the second bottle we've tasted and it's just not good.

What my brain says is "if I was licking a bathroom floor, what would I taste? Dirt and cleaning fluid and some gasoline".

That's it. Two thumbs down to the beep beep beep beep. We do not want to drink this so we're not going back. Just cut and get us out of here.
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