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One extraordinary bottle from thousands professionally tasted.
Image of Bottle of 2009, Kilikanoon, South Australia, Killerman's Run
2009 Kilikanoon
South Australia
Killerman's Run
Thumbs Up Rating Image
Flavor Intensity
Tasting Notes
Blackberry, Blueberry, Plum, Spice
Food Pairings
Red Meat, Pizza & Pasta, Mushroom Dishes
Average Retail
Blackberry, fresh blueberry, plum, and cellar-spice take on an extremely rare, pure field-grape element, followed by a second layer of dark chocolate, coffee, vanilla, and licorice, which is followed by a third layer of currant, raisin, and sweet-earth. The finish is long and clean, with a fine-wine, menthol blowback. An extraordinary value.
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You're in the wine aisle, looking down the Shiraz's.

You see 2009 Kilikanoon from South Australia, Killermans Run.

You've never heard of it. You probably don't even know how to pronounce it [kill-a-ka-noon].

Why would you ever pull it unless you're watching this video?

These guys make wines that are $50, $80 to over two hundred dollars but, they also make one entry-level wine that's 17 bucks or less.

This is this one. Let me tell you this is no seventeen dollar wine.

Do you know who Nadia Comaneci is? First woman to get a ten in gymnastics. Do you know who Bo Derek is? The ten in the movie Ten.

This wine is a ten. This is as good as it gets.

Joe you're absolutely right. This one is completely outstanding.
It's off the charts.

This is the best $17 Shiraz there is. Period!

This wine exudes one thing, romance!
It is so sweet and so elegant.
There is nobody who's not going to like this wine.

It is so smooth, so inviting, the aroma on this wine is just so delicious.
Fruit, oh my goodness, this is a great wine.

You're spot on and what Matt's talking about is this.

This is a super fine wine, there is blackberry blueberry and plum right off the bat, with a spice element that rounds the whole thing out.

It is so delicious and that's just the first layer of this wine. Then the romance kicks in. There's dark chocolate and espresso sitting in this wine. There's a licorice element that's very complimentary with the dark chocolate and the the espresso which gives it an incredible second layer.

Then you've got a third layer of raisin and vanilla. The raisin is not raisin like dried grapes or anything like that. This is raisin like the dimensional, layered sort which gives it an elegance.

The vanilla rounds this thing out and oh my goodness, the long clean finish on this wine. There no two people in the world that could not finish this bottle. Look we're only in our tasting and there's nothing left. Every week we taste a lot of wine but, this one we went back to it again and again because it is so incredibly delicious.

Let me tell you, seventeen bucks for this wine is ridiculously low.

This is not a $17 wine. The real value of this wine is $55. It is out standing and it's so smooth. The thing that really brings this wine to a whole other dimension of flavor is that it has that pure field grape flavor in this wine. That really just kicks it all together.

When you drink this wine, because of all these immense delicious, complex flavors, you will definitely be happy.

The 2009 Kilikanoon Australia Shiraz, Killermans Run.
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