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Image of Bottle of 2009, Quail Creek, California
2009 Quail Creek
White Zinfandel
Thumbs Up Rating Image
Flavor Intensity
Tasting Notes
Citrus, Strawberry
Food Pairings
White Meat, Darker Fish, BBQ
Average Retail
If you're goin' White Zin, you can end up in a lot of bad, bad places. So, here's a place to go - a safe place. Sweet strawberry and raisin-boysenberry is balanced by citrus. Tough to do better when you're drinkin' one'a these. Plus, you're making 50% on your money!
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All right. White zinfandel. A lot of people drink white zinfandel and not a lot of people review white zinfandel.

We tasted a ton of White Zins and it's hard to find the wines that don't taste like a Jolly Rancher or you know, like some kind of a pile of rotting herbs frankly.

But, we found one, and it is good. We're talking about the 2009 Quail Creek White Zinfandel. It's a really nice wine four dollar wine.

The aroma will tell you what you need, clean and bright. You smell it right off the bat.

I don't even know if you would immediately say "white zin". It just has an interesting, almost floral scent with a little hint of raisin on the nose. It just smells clean.

You have boysenberry, citrus, and there's a little bit of strawberry in this wine. There's raisin in this wine, you smell and taste it. Of course, it's a little sweet, it's a white zin!

We rated the value of this wine, its a four-dollar wine, and we rated it at six bucks. You may say well it's four bucks so your rating at six bucks is no big deal but, it is. That's fifty percent of your money!

It's frankly very juicy and delicious and that is unusual in white zins which are usually overly sweet. This is a nicely balanced white zin.

There's one other thing that's really important. A lot of the white zins have a very dirty taste and this one doesn't. It's a very drinkable, very nice and pleasant wine and we think it's a crowd-pleaser.

It's worth six bucks, in fact, I think a lot of people who appreciate wine and appreciate white zins would rate this quite a bit higher. It's one of the finer white Zinfandels.

Two Thumbs Up to the 2009 Quail Creek White Zinfandel from California. You can't beat it.
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