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One extraordinary bottle from thousands professionally tasted.
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Image of Bottle of 2012, Sledgehammer, El Gaucho, Mendoza
2012 Sledgehammer
El Gaucho
Thumbs Up Rating Image
Flavor Intensity
Tasting Notes
Lavender, Maple, Raspberry, Smooth
Food Pairings
Red Meat, Pizza & Pasta, Mushroom Dishes
Average Retail
Ripe raspberry fruit adds maple, lavender, and plum, followed by a layer of coffee and currant and a note of eucalyptus. Finishes smooth. A double-your-money, extraordinary value.
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Well the age of metro-sexual wines is over because the folks at Sledgehammer have created a macho man wine.

Okay I know this is a lot of fun and what do we really care about? What do we really believe in? we believe in value and a ten dollar wine better taste like 10 bucks or more.

This wine, this 10 dollar wine is a twenty dollar value. What am I talking about? I'm talking about the 2012 Sledgehammer El Gaucho from Mendoza Argentina.

It's a malbec, it really brings it brings together but these guys also have a great theme and a great attitude at their winery and the whole thing that they're all about. Check it out on their website you're gonna think it's really cool, but what really counts is what's in the glass.

Yeah, and it does. What's in the glass is spectacular but Matt's right that this is new, we're catching it early, you can't find it today everywhere and you will eventually but what the focus of it is, which is I think what Matt and I really like about it is that they're putting the wine back into proper focus, meaning we always talk about food, family, friends, and fun.

What are these guys doing? They're saying hey you know wine used to be about toasting the big victory right, and then somewhere along the line it stopped being about toasting the victory and it became all about the wine and you know analyzing it down to the minutia of the wine and what's in the glass.

Well, what's in the glass great that's all part the picture but don't forget the food, family, friends, and fun. That's the real important stuff and this is complementary to that.

Love that idea there and what these guys have done in the glass is special too.

What we've got here is ripe raspberry fruit. We've got plum, raspberry and plum balancing each other out, and we've got lavender. A layer of lavender and maple from the oak and it just creates a nice balance overall.

This is sitting here up in your face, this is a big bold wine but it's still in balance and what else we have? A layer of coffee, current and the current really rounds this thing out and then you've got a nice smooth finish. The kinda thing everybody likes. As we're sitting here, double your money, right?

Yeah, absolutely it's also got a beautiful fresh finish with a note of eucalyptus, and its two thumbs up for the 2012 Sledgehammer El Gaucho from Mendoza Argentina. Hard to top that at 10 bucks.
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