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Image of Bottle of 2012, La Granja 360, Tempranillo - Garnacha, Spain
2012 La Granja 360
Tempranillo - Garnacha
Red Blend
Thumbs Up Rating Image
Flavor Intensity
Tasting Notes
Coffee, Cranberry, Plum, Tobacco
Food Pairings
Red Meat, Pizza & Pasta, Mushroom Dishes
Average Retail
For the fans of "something different." Plum, cranberry, coffee, tobacco, and chocolate are well-balanced and add complexity with notes of smoky oak, dark and red berries, and oak-spice. Finishes lightly dry. A one-in-a-thousand, extraordinary value.
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Well, when you finish tasting a bunch of wine it's always nice to see your notes say "a safe seventeen dollar value." Then find out the wine is five dollars! The 2012 La Granja. It's a blend. It's a Tempranillo Garnacha blend. Now Garnacha is just Spanish for Granache. So, it's just a blend of these two varietals. It's from Carinena Spain. You don't know where Carinena is? You don't need to know. They didn't even put it on the front label. Google it later and find out. What you have here is a five dollar masterpiece of a wine, extraordinary over triple your money.

What a value for five dollars. I mean it is over triple your money just like Joe said. I cannot believe it the flavors in this wine are absolutely delicious. You've got plum and cranberry flavors kinda of balancing each other out with delicious, delicious coffee and chocolate and oak spice flavors. It's not over the top. It's nice. There is spice in here. This wine is well balanced and has a nice dry finish that everyone is gonna love.

Yeah, it really does. It's a beautiful balance of dry and juicy. The thing that really sends this into that next level with a real fine wine thing, tobacco. Tobacco in this wine. Not tobacco like ashtray tobacco. I'm talking like tobacco spice. Very, very elegant and gives this wine something extra special on the finish you can just taste it there. It's unbelievable that this is five dollars! It's two big thumbs up to the 2012 La Granja. It's a Tempranillo Garnacha blend and its from Spain.



Who says you can't get a great wine for five bucks? Here it is. Outstanding.